Here are some wonderful kids party ideas from mums just like you. Each tip has been handpicked by the team at Be My Bear. For every tip we use, we send out a cute gift for your little one!


Share The Party With A Friend

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!! Book an accessible hall for any less able guests with its own car park wherever possible. Share the party with one of your child's school friends - extra helpers for half the cost!! We bought a full party set (table covers, plates, napkins, cups, bunting, invites, straws etc) from Tesco in the sale - all 50% off! Planning early pays off. Also did hot dogs, very simple & got them on offer from Tesco again. Children love pass the parcel. Save wrapping paper from previous birthdays & don't go mad with prizes, they're more than happy with a sweet each. Finally, buy plain fairy cakes, set up a decorating table with old yoghurt pots filled with different coloured icing & let the kids decorate their own. They love to decorate them which saves the parents a job & they're so cheap!!

- kerry salt


Short & Sweet

Have a lucky dip at the door ready for when children leave - it's a great alternative to goody bags 😊

- Tracey Burgin


Tradition Trumps Fancy

My son had his 5th birthday last year & I was quite nervous because he'd been to some amazing house parties with bouncy castles in the gardens & magicians in the kitchens! We have a small house with no garden, so I hired the village hall. It wasn't as expensive as I thought & gave us plenty of room for the traditional party games we'd planned. My husband & I got them all dancing, running around, playing old favourites like musical chairs, musical statues, pass the parcel & sleeping lions. We had a bouncy slide on hire that fitted in the hall too, but noticed the kids were much more interested in joining in with the games! The parents all remarked that the kids loved it & they were all well tired out afterwards! We had a spread of food, all made by ourselves & shunned a fancy theme cake for granny's own huge chocolate cake with a simple '5' made out of smarties on top. It was a huge success all round!! My tip is to interact with the kids, get them playing all together & never underestimate the kids' sheer enjoyment of traditional party games!

- Claire maclean


Strength In Numbers

Involve your mum friends in your party! It's fun for them & less stress for you. Set up a job for each; food preparer, face painter (this is often with hilarious results!) music player, games organiser etc.

- Lisa Bolinbroke


Kids Love Crafty Activities

For a perfect fairy party for my daughter, we had a face painter & the girls made woodland fairy crowns out of twine & silk flowers. They then chose coloured glow sticks & glitter to make their own glow stick glitter fairy jam jars which both made up her party bag take home gifts. This combined activities during the party with simple & unique party favours reducing costs. We always have cupcakes rather than a big cake as easier to split saving time, money & mess!

- Alison Sheldon


Little Book Worms

Instead of a party bag, a slice of cake & a book is a fab party gift. Kids love it & it saves you money.

- Alexis Law