A party isn’t a party without more balloons than you can pop. These examples show that they can be more than a simple prop, they can be amazing!

Kids love balloons. Fact. They're one of those little things that remain totally immune from the changes in expectations that come with increasingly tech savvy kids. There's no app that'll recreate the feeling of popping a balloon!

But, if like me, you thought that sourcing balloons for your kids birthday party simply involved a trip to the pound shop - think again!

Here are some examples of how going the extra mile with these floaty party props can make a tonne of difference! They're affordable, fun to create (if you're crafty), create a huge impact & the kids can even take them away afterwards.

Have you done anything cool with party balloons? We'd love to see your handy work, so send us a pic on Facebook if you feel like showing off : )

M x