You don’t need to lose sleep over the idea of sugar fuelled carnage. Make healthy snacks fun! The kids (& their parents) will love you for it.

Scenario 1

Kids enter. Kids play games. Kids stuff their faces with cake, sweets, ice-cream & fizzy drinks. Carnage. Mayhem. Tears. Headaches. Kids leave. Tears.

Scenario 2

Kids enter. Kids play games. Kids stuff their faces with frozen treats, yoghurty deliciousness, crispy fruit & sticky goodness. Mayhem. Laughter. Hugs. Kids leave. Major parenting points.

Soooo I could be a little dramatic, but you get my point. Children are forever experiencing new things & food is a major component of those new experiences. Upping your food game & offering the kids something familiar, but presented in a totally new & fun way, is a straight shot to the party hosting wall of fame.

Start considering fruit as your wingman & veg as your super power. You'll be rounding the kids up in no time using the parenting force.

I've noticed that there's a distinct summer vibe here. Now that I think of it, I find it really difficult to come up with healthy kids party food that'd work during winter. If you have better luck, please let me know in the comments below.

M x